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But it's a dry heat...

It's Arizona, it's June, it's 120 degrees in the shade, and what better way to celebrate this lovely season than by wearing sundresses.

So I went through the closet, picked out a couple of different sundresses, got out and took a couple of pictures. Okay, okay. I took a LOT of pictures. To be honest, I took too many pictures to put on the page, so I split it into several pages with links to each page below. So go ahead, don't be shy (I'm obviously not!) and click the pictures or the series names below to see all the pics...

The Lotion Series is my intro to the sundresses. 3 pics of me getting ready to go out.

The Minigolf Series is 3 pics of me on the minigolf course.

The Bench Series is 4 pics of me lounging on my garden bench.

The Hose Series is me in the flower garden in a shear sundress. 8 pics of me playing around, ending with me getting sprayed with a hose.

The Wet Series is 7 pics of me soaking wet in a white sundress.

These links will take you to the past seasons of stacia... look at them all now!

Football Football Season

Basketball Basketball Season

Halloween Halloween

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